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Thank you Fort Collins for 35 wonderful years!!


Photo credit The Coloradoan circa 1988

The Right Card 's mission is social connection. Our tagline is "greetings, gifts, gatherings" for a reason. Through greeting cards and gifts, we help you express your thoughts and stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Through gatherings, we build shared experience and community.
This year marks 35 years of The Right Card being a staple to Old Town Fort Collins. We had hoped to be celebrating all year with parties and sales for the people that have made it possible, our amazing customers and fans. Unfortunately, the universe seems to have had other plans for not only The Right Card, but for the entire community and world at once. All of a sudden, it became a lot less about us as a store and a lot more about Us as a community taking care of each other.
Like so many small businesses that were struggling before Covid-19, the shut-downs and restrictions made it seemingly impossible overnight to look positively toward the future. Instead of throwing up our hands in defeat, we set them to work creating a new business model--introducing online ordering and multiple shipping options that not only kept our business alive in a safe and socially responsible way, but gave us a glimmer of hope that we could continue!
However, we were still left with the problem of rent that we could no longer sustain in a location that we loved and the challenge of where we would move. Would we go strictly online? Switch to a pop-up shop? What would any of that look like?
Then the clouds opened up and Walnut Creek appeared as a shiny beacon of hope! After some negotiations, we decided that joining forces could be a fantastic fit! Women-owned businesses supporting other women-owned businesses in a community co-op setting. What's not to be enthusiastic about in that situation?!
We are NOW in our new location in the Stone Room of Walnut Creek and offering in person shopping. While the space is much smaller than our previous 3,000 sq ft, we plan to continue carrying the amazing selection of cards that we are known for as well as gift wrap, journals, some art supplies and a selection of novelty gift items.
While we all work through these trying times together, let's remember how important it is to stay connected, even if that connection is physically disconnected. Send a card, text, potato, whatever! Just let people know you are thinking of them.
Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Connected! Wear a Mask and Wash your Hands!
The Right Card