All Around The World Search-A-Word Puzzles

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Youngsters who relish the challenges offered by word games will be eager to have this new collection. Focusing on various countries from around the world, 40 different puzzle grids include randomly placed letters of the alphabet. Players are asked to find and circle groups of letters that spell out the name of a particular country's cities, capitals, rivers, famous residents, currency, natural resources, native flora and fauna, and more. Terms that appear vertically, horizontally, forward, backward, and diagonally within the grid also appear alphabetically in their correct form above the grid. An entertaining way to sharpen concentration, these puzzles also provide much useful information about foreign countries.

Author/Editor Victoria Fremont, Brenda Flores

Format Book

Grade level 3 and Up (ages 8 and up)

Page Count 64

Dimensions 5 x 8