Kaley Alie Art - Happy Dogs - Boxed Set of 12 Cards

Kaley Alie Art

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Dogs are the best! Inspired by the fun and furry friends that fill our hearts and homes with happiness. This cute and cheerful set includes 12 different dog cards. All blank inside and perfect for your handwritten notes! Box includes: 1 of each design + white envelopes. 12 cards in total packaged in a clear box with contents shown on front of box. 1 x Border Collie, 1 x Great Dane, 1 x Pitbull, 1 x Pug, 1 x Shepherd, 1 x Stargazing Dog, 1 x Lazy Lab, 1 x Greyhound, 1 x Terrier, 1 x Beagle, 1 x Shiba Inu, 1 x Husky Printed on 100% recycled paper in the USA. Originally painted in Colorado.