Rockin Granny Cordell Jackson America Collection Funny Humorous Birthday Card For Her Woman

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Inside: PAGE 2:"If I want to wang dang rock 'n' roll at 69 years old dressed up in an antebellum dress, it ain't nobody's business but mine!" --Cordell Jackson PAGE 3: Never too old to rock'n' roll! Happy Birthday

Rock ’n’ Roll Granny
Barristers, Memphis, Tennessee • 1996
Seventy-three-year-old Cordell Jackson rocks the house on her
signature red Hagstrom 6-string. Jackson gained national fame as
the “Rock ’n’ Roll Granny” in the 1990s, but the rockabilly pioneer
had been playing loud “energy music” since the 1940s. Born in
1923, Jackson learned at a young age to play piano, guitar, upright
bass, and banjo, and at 12 joined her father’s band on his radio
show in Tupelo, Mississippi. In 1956, Jackson founded Memphisbased
Moon Records and became the first woman in America to
arrange, engineer, manufacture, and promote her own label. A
colorful icon of the rockabilly scene—an upbeat musical style that
combines country western with rhythm and blues—Cordell Jackson
wrote such memorable songs as “She’s the One That’s Got It,”
“Football Widow,” and “Knockin’ 60.”